US Presidential Election: Biden Leadership Grows Nationally

11 months ago

Voters believe that Trump is not coping well with the mass protests.

Key Democratic US Presidential candidate Joe Biden leads nationwide polls, outperforming Republican rival Donald Trump by 11%

A new Monmouth poll found that Biden had 52% support, while Trump had 41%.

Biden’s leadership is slowly but growing. Last month, polls showed 50% versus 41%, in April – 48% versus 44%, and in March – 48% versus 45%.

Sociologists say the race is still largely a referendum on the actions of the current head of the White House Trump. The initial reaction to the ongoing unrest in the country suggests that most voters believe that Trump is not coping well.

It was previously reported that Republicans risk losing the Senate due to Trump’s reaction to coronavirus. Today they have 53 seats out of a hundred.

Biden is the first presidential candidate to be ahead of the current White House head in every May poll since Jimmy Carter did it in 1976. Carter, of course, won the 1976 election.

Biden’s average leadership over Trump on average never dropped below 4% and usually exceeded this indicator.

Recall that Biden promised to choose a woman as an election partner, who will be able to become vice president if he wins. Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, Gretchen Whitmer, Amy Klobushar and even Michelle Obama are on the list of those whom Biden could choose as his partner in the role of potential vice president of the United States. However, American media previously wrote that Michelle Obama does not want to be vice president of the United States.

Earlier, Biden revealed many secrets of finding a candidate for the post of vice president of the United States. The former vice president has already violated many of the guidelines that the former candidates used in the search.

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