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US protesters demolished monument to national anthem author

US protesters demolished monument to national anthem author

Protesters in American San Francisco demolished three monuments, including Francis Scott Key, author of the text of the US anthem. It is reported by the NBC Bay area.

Also, activists were attacked by monuments to the 18th President of the United States Ulysses Grant and the missionary Junipero Serre. About 400 people gathered at the demolition site, but there were no clashes between the protesters and the police.

Incidents occurred in the Golden Gate Park on June 19, the day of liberation from slavery.

Protests against racism in American cities in recent weeks are increasingly leading to desecration and destruction of monuments. They demolish not only the monuments to the Confederate figures, but also, for example, the monument to the explorer Christopher Columbus who discovered America. On June 19, in Portland, protesters desecrated and then dumped a monument to the first president and one of the founders of the United States, George Washington.

Dozens of U.S. cities are in riots. They began after the death of a black guard George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died after a gross arrest. Speeches against police brutality are held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and many other cities.

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