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US protests flare up again after new police killings

US protests flare up again after new police killings

In Compton, California, USA, protests began again after the murder by the police of a Latin American, Andres Guardado.

Initially, the demonstrators gathered in the city of Gardina, in order to honor his memory and express indignation with the actions of the police together with the family of the murdered 18-year-old teenager. They then headed for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office in nearby Compton, where clashes broke out between protesters and law enforcement officers.

The police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd; six people were detained.

Guardado was shot dead by a policeman in Gardin on June 18. According to police, he was spotted with a semi-automatic pistol in his hands next to a car repair shop. Seeing the police, he began to run away. A police officer chasing a Latino shot him six times and died from his injuries.

The guy worked as a security guard in a car repair shop, but he was not wearing uniforms. Under the laws of California, Guardado’s age did not allow him to work as an armed guard. Los Angeles County police say the young man’s gun was not registered.

At the same time, police did not use body cameras, which complicates the investigation of the incident.

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