US Republican faction proposes new sanctions against Russia

11 months ago

The US Republican faction announced a report containing a proposal to introduce new sanctions against Russia. This need, according to the authors of the document, lies in the fact that for the last ten years Russia has been asserting its role as a power “with a clear intention to undermine the world order under the leadership of the United States.”

In addition, they proposed that Russia be included in the list of “countries sponsoring terrorism,” accusing the state of supporting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, as well as movements recognized by the US as terrorist groups.

Thus, the authors of the report proposed to impose secondary sanctions on companies that support the Russian oil and gas industry, restrict the acquisition of new Russian sovereign debt, and introduce sanctions against those associated with corruption or “Russian interference” in the election process.

In addition, restrictions may affect those whom the states suspect of “leading Russian propaganda” and “Kremlin-related oligarchs.”

Russia has repeatedly denied such allegations several times, noting that the United States does not support such allegations with any evidence.

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