11 months ago

US scientist doubts about creating COVID vaccine soon

11 months ago

It is unlikely that in the very near future a vaccine for the coronavirus COVID-19 will appear. So says the American scientist, researcher of cancer, HIV and the human genome, William Hazeltine, he is quoted by the British publication The Guardian.

“Do not listen to politicians …. <…> Maybe we can do it, but I’m just saying that this is not a simple matter, ”added Hazeltine. He explained that vaccines developed against previous types of coronavirus could not protect the nasal mucous membranes through which the disease was transmitted.

Hazeltine is confident that it is better for the population to rely on measures of social isolation, wash their hands, wear masks, and clean surfaces.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the vaccine will be created in the US soon, and the US military will deal with its distribution throughout the country.

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