US Senate approves $ 10 million for nuclear tests

The U.S. Congressional Senate Committee on Armed Forces has approved an amendment to the draft defense budget to provide $ 10 million for nuclear testing projects

It is reported by The Hill.

The amendment was proposed by Republican Senator Tom Cotton. The full text of the draft defense budget for next year is due to be published shortly.

The head of the American Arms Control Association, Daryl Kimball, called the possibility of a nuclear test “complete recklessness.”

He believes that the decision could provoke nuclear tests by other states and cause a new nuclear arms race.

The proposed amendment came after US President Donald Trump’s administration announced the prospect of resuming nuclear testing as a negotiation tactic in efforts to secure a tripartite nuclear agreement with Russia and China.

The United States has not conducted explosive nuclear tests since 1992, testing the effectiveness and reliability of its weapons instead using subcritical tests that do not provide nuclear output, computer simulations and other scientific methods.

The only country that has conducted nuclear tests in this century is North Korea.