US Senator claims evidence of collusion between Russia and Taliban

There are intelligence reports with evidence that Russian operatives colluded with militants of the Taliban extremist movement (banned in Russia). The documents he saw were announced on Twitter by Democratic senator Chris Murphy.

“I looked at the data. This is not a hoax, Mr. President. If you continue to ignore the facts, more soldiers and marines will die, ”he wrote in response to a statement by US President Donald Trump, in which he doubted the veracity of these reports.

According to Axios, it is unclear whether Trump saw the information of the American intelligence services: according to various reports, he might have missed this data or simply did not receive a timely briefing on the topic. According to one version, inside the special services there are disagreements about how well-founded the suspicions against Russia are. Doubts about the reliability of the data, in particular, were expressed by representatives of the US National Security Agency.

On June 26, The New York Times, citing U.S. intelligence agencies, reported that Russian military intelligence had secretly offered to pay for the killing of US troops. Thus, Moscow allegedly wanted to disrupt US peace talks with the Taliban, the publication said. In Russia, the charges were called unfounded. The reliability of the information was difficult to confirm, and various American structures.