US Senator Prepares Resolution Against Russia’s Participation in G7

The document says that the Senate will oppose the restoration of the G8 with the participation of Russia, if Moscow does not stop “malicious actions” against Ukraine, the United States and their allies

American senators have submitted for consideration a resolution against the inclusion of Russia in the G7. The author of the initiative is a Democratic Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin, according to his press service.

According to Durbin, the document makes it clear that the Senate will oppose the restoration of the Group of Eight (G8) with the participation of Russia, if Moscow does not stop “its malicious actions against Ukraine, the United States and allies.”

The document (pdf.), In particular, says that Russia “illegally occupied Crimea and Donbass”, carried out “attacks on Western democracies”, and also allegedly offered the militants awards for the murder of American servicemen in Afghanistan (This was reported at the end of June by The New York Times: the Pentagon did not find confirmation of the information, and the Kremlin called the publication a duck).

Durbin said that US President Donald Trump, instead of using all the tools at his disposal to combat “threats from Russia” against the US military, elections in the United States and “the sovereignty of democratic countries around the world”, seeks to normalize relations with Moscow and “reward the Kremlin.”

The resolution was supported by 12 of Durbin’s colleagues, the senator’s press service notes.

In August last year, the US Congress presented a resolution calling on G7 members not to admit Russia to the union until it respects the territorial integrity of its neighbors, complies with international law and adheres to the standards of democratic societies. In December, the House of Representatives adopted this document: the reason was Trump’s statements about his desire to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the G7 summit in 2020.

Russia was excluded from the list of participants in the summit in 2014, after the annexation of Crimea. Then the leaders of the club refused to come to the event in Sochi and gathered in Brussels without Putin. Since then, the summit has been held in the G7 format.

The G7 summit this year was scheduled for June, but later the American president postponed it at least until September and said that he would like to hold this summit in an expanded format – with the participation of not only Russia, but also South Korea, Australia and India. The Russian Foreign Ministry responded by saying that China should join the G7 meeting in an expanded format, otherwise it would not make sense. The Kremlin said earlier that Moscow does not refuse to communicate in any format, but its return to the group is not an end in itself.