US Starbucks employee arrested for spitting on coffee by police

A former employee of one of the Starbucks coffee shops in New Jersey, US, was arrested on suspicion of spoiling drinks ordered by police. CNN writes about this on Wednesday, July 22.

The 21-year-old was charged with deliberately spitting into police officers’ coffee cups and with his actions creating a threat of physical contact.

It is reported that after receiving reports of the young man’s actions, police officers began to check and received evidence of the incident.

The coffee chain, in turn, noted that they had conducted their own internal investigation and fired this employee. The organization also apologized to the police.

At the end of January this year, it became known that a courier from Turkey faces 18 years in prison for spitting on a pizza. The food delivery man at the customer’s door opened the box and spat into its contents. He filmed everything that happened on his own phone.

The trick was also filmed by CCTV cameras at the entrance. The security guard saw the footage and informed the client. He, in turn, filed a lawsuit against the pizzeria. The cafe’s management fired a careless employee. He was fined $ 600 and the trial is still ongoing. The plaintiff’s lawyer demanded 18 years in prison for the attacker.