US talks about NATO’s “trap” for Russia

US talks about NATO's "trap" for Russia

NATO in Estonia is experimenting with deceptive tactics to attract the attention of Russian hackers.

“Imagine that you are a young cyber officer in the Russian army who wants to infiltrate a secure NATO network. You define a target, a person whose credentials you could steal to gain access to the network, and then, perhaps going from node to node, looking for sensitive information to exfiltrate. You are sending a phishing email to your target. The target clicks on the link. You are in the game! ” – writes the American edition.

According to the publication, later the “cyber officer in the Russian army” finds out that the information “stolen” by him is meaningless. “And you may have revealed your own methods or tools. Your adversary wanted you to succeed in hacking – to get information about you, ”the newspaper notes.

The relevant exercises took place, in particular, in November in Estonia and “simulated real problems, for example, the methods of Russia’s hybrid war.”

In October, Breaking Defense wrote that US and NATO officials complained about the S-400 Triumph radar in Turkey, which allegedly endangers NATO aircraft, as the system can send operational information to the Russian military.