US teacher assistant accused of having sex with three students

An American high school assistant teacher is accused of having sex with three underage students. The New York Post reports.

At the moment, 24-year-old Ashlyn Faye Bell (Ashlyn Faye Bell) is held on bail of 150 thousand dollars (about 10.6 million rubles). Last year, a woman was arrested for having sex with underage boys, one of whom was 16 years old, the other 17. It is noted that she arranged meetings through the social network Snapchat.

Bell worked as an assistant at a Texas school from August to May, according to the publication, and in November she began communicating with teens outside the school via social media. As a result, communication with minors continued at her home.

The woman’s first relationship occurred with one of the 17-year-old students whom she brought to her home in New Boston, Texas. Bell had sex with the teen after she put her young child to bed, according to the publication.

The second boy, also 17, told investigators that he visited Bell’s home several times, where they also had sex. The teenager noted that then the employee of the educational institution took him home.

The third victim, a 16-year-old teenager, told police that he visited the teacher’s assistant’s home after a playoff game. He told investigators that after that, the woman took him home in the morning and promised to pick him up again for sex next weekend.

Bell faces up to 20 years in prison on each count of his conviction.