US tightens export rules to China: minus optics, locators and semiconductors

1 year ago

The Donald Trump administration tightens the rules for the work of American and Chinese companies, worrying how the technologies suitable for military use would not fall into the hands of the PRC. This was reported by Reuters.

In particular, new standards are being introduced (they have not yet been finalized, but have already been agreed), the purpose of which is to prevent Chinese companies from buying optical materials, radar equipment and semiconductors in the United States.

Analysts note that the new measures symbolize the nervousness prevailing in US power circles around the doctrine of leader Xi Jinping on the merger of the military and civil industry (civil-military fusion).

At the same time, the American media cite the Chinese phrase “anything you give to us for a commercial purpose is going to be given to the military) and support additional restrictions.

At the same time, the American business is not happy with restrictions; for it, any restrictions on exports to China are a gift to competitors.

In turn, the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, said: “We urge the United States to stop this targeted slander and look at China’s policies objectively and do more for cooperation between our parties.”

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