US to strike nationwide in support of black rights and against racism and police brutality

In the United States, a nationwide strike will take place today in support of black rights and against racism and police brutality. Strike for Black Lives is organized by the American trade union, which has more than 2 million service workers.

Organized by the International Service Workers Union, Strike for Black Lives is a national action designed to highlight the economic plight of service workers, many of whom are colored. The strike will take place in 25 cities, including Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Houston and Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, for example, workers will gather in cars in a caravan that starts at the local McDonald’s. McDonald’s will have a special focus in this strike, as the company pays wages at the poverty line to at least half of its 800 thousand employees who are of color. The caravan of cars will then drive through Los Angeles, stopping at places like the University of Southern California, which will require the country’s second-largest school district and university to ditch the LAPD in schools and campuses.

Those workers who will not be able to join the strike are urged to stop work at noon for 8 minutes 46 seconds – the time during which the Minneapolis police strangled George Floyd.