US vandals decapitate several statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary

In America, vandals are carrying out massive attacks on Catholic churches, smashing and setting fire to parishes, knocking statues off their pedestals and beheading them. Clerics are calling on police to investigate the incidents, Fox News reported on July 18.

A priest of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida, discovered a headless statue of Christ on July 15. The Archdiocese of Miami demanded an investigation into the incident as a hate crime.

On the morning of July 18, in Ocala, north of Miami, an attacker attacked a Catholic community. Stephen Anthony Shields, 24, drove a car into the parish and set it on fire. The young man has been charged with several charges, including attempted murder.

A pastor of St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Saturday, discovered a headless statue of the Virgin Mary. In addition, desecrated images of the mother of Christ were found over the weekend in churches in Boston and New York.

Presumably, the actions of the vandals are related to the protests against symbols and statues within the Black Lives Matter movement. Activists have called for the destruction of statues that embody white supremacy and racist propaganda. They even got the little mermaid – the vandals called her a “racist fish” and ruined the sculpture’s pedestal.