US wants to create its own counterpart WHO

12 months ago

The organization may be headed by Deborah Birks, who is now responsible for combating the US coronavirus epidemic.
The administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is considering the creation of an organization similar to WHO. It is reported by Politico on Sunday, May 24th.

The organization will be designed to deal with future outbreaks of infectious diseases and will become a new unit in the State Department.

The new organization may be led by Deborah Birks, a senior official in charge of the US coronavirus situation.

The State Department will appoint a focal point to monitor almost all aspects of pandemic preparedness and response — from the global spread of vaccines and drugs to the development of streamlined protocols to prevent the spread of an outbreak.

“Having the only initiative to focus attention and resources around the world has become an effective model to turn the tide of diseases such as HIV / AIDS and malaria. The US will establish global leadership in mobilizing private and public partners, multilateral institutions and others bilateral donors to support a global response to a pandemic that will bring results for the American people, “says the draft initiative.

It is noted that this proposal has already caused disagreement between the State Department and the US Agency for International Development. USAID representatives are puzzled by this idea, which could lead to a loss of control over significant money and power.

Recall that earlier Trump put forward an ultimatum to WHO. Washington threatened to completely stop financing the organization and withdraw from its membership if the requirements are not met.

However, the EU went against Trump on the issue of WHO. Official Brussels proposes later to evaluate the actions of the World Health Organization during the pandemic.

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