US will lose to Russia a new stage in the struggle for Iran

Today, the United States, the Russian Federation, and China risk getting bogged down in a new stage in the political struggle for Iran. Recently, US State Department spokesman Brian Hook said Washington would leave Moscow and Beijing “isolated” in the UN if they continued to block American policy against Tehran. It is reported by the Serbian publication

In its quest to advance the extension of the ban on the purchase of weapons for Iran, the United States refers to other countries in the region.

The states of the Middle East, from Israel to the Persian Gulf, are very concerned about the actions of Iran and are echoing to us: extend the arms embargo

  • quotes Mike Pompeo Serbian newspaper.

But more serious players, such as France, the UK and Germany, realize that the United States is at risk of exacerbating the split between East and West. The Serbian publication notes that aggressive rhetoric on both sides will lead to a deep crisis and even new conflicts in the Middle East region. Major global players are unlikely to make a profit or increase their influence by creating such chaos.

That is why the United States will lose to Russia a new stage in the struggle for Iran. Beijing will support Moscow, and Washington cannot count on the unconditional submission of European countries. Of course, the White House will put pressure on the countries of the region that will advocate the extension of the embargo, but their voices are unlikely to change anything.