USA became the country with the highest number of coronavirus deaths per day

1 year ago

According to Agence France-Presse, 1 thousand 169 people with coronavirus infection died in a day in the USA. In Italy, the largest number of deaths per day was recorded on March 27, then 969 people died.

According to Johns Hopkins University, on April 2, the total number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States reached 5 thousand 926, reports RIA Novosti.

Publicist, political consultant Anatoly Wasserman believes that the United States expects not just world records in the number of coronavirus infected, but also a complete nightmare.

As an expert wrote on his blog, before the start of the epidemic, the American healthcare system seemed to many as a “crystal castle with miracle doctors and supertechnology,” but a couple of weeks of the epidemic “turned it into a pile of broken glass.”

Earlier, President Donald Trump at a briefing on the extension of measures to combat the coronavirus COVID-19, predicted a peak in mortality from this disease in the United States two weeks later – in mid-April.

He also spoke about possible mortality. Trump believes that a good result will be if the number of deaths can be reduced to 100-200 thousand. “If the government had not taken any steps, there could have been 2.2 million deaths,” Trump said.

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