USA lose Europe

11 months ago

Noah Barkin, a senior researcher at the German Marshall Fund (the organization’s activities are banned in the Russian Federation), said that the US reaction to coronavirus worried Europe more than China did. This is reported by Foreign Policy.

Barkin referred to the results of a study by the Kerber Foundation, which showed that 37 percent of the Germans surveyed named the United States as the most important partner of the country, but almost as many – 36 percent – chose China.

Public opinion has changed: according to a similar survey in September 2019, the United States had a 26 percent advantage over China.

At the same time, only six percent of the participants in the new survey said that their opinion of China has worsened, while 73 percent of respondents have begun to think less about the United States.
Nora Muller, Executive Director of the Kerber Foundation, told Foreign Policy that Germans’ opinions about the United States have worsened even before the situation with the coronavirus. However, the actions of the US Presidential Administration Donald trump during the pandemic exacerbated the situation.

Barkin emphasized that politicians in Germany see not only how China hid data on coronavirus during the first weeks, but also how the country successfully stopped the epidemic. In the United States, in his opinion, they see chaos and the inability of the authorities to act together, a reluctance to cooperate with science and Trump’s attempts to destroy US-Chinese relations for re-election.

The expert is sure that the matter is not only in Trump: even if Joe Biden is in the White House next year, the inter-party split will remain.

Barkin also drew attention to the results of a survey by the British Foreign Policy Group, according to which only 28 percent of Britons consider US behavior to be responsible. This is 13 percent less than in January 2020.

Ifop asked the French which country is now in the best position to solve the main problems of the coming decades. Only 3 percent chose the United States. A SWG poll showed that 36 percent of Italians want their country to focus on relations with China, 30 percent chose the United States.

The expert noted that Europe is negotiating with China on a major investment agreement and a joint fight against climate change. If the agreements are concluded, this will be another signal of the loss of US Europe.

According to Rambler, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly called the new coronavirus “Chinese,” despite Beijing’s objections, and his national security adviser Robert O’Brien said the world has lost two months to prepare for the pandemic since Beijing was hiding information about the virus. Trump also suspended WHO funding and accused the organization of having ties to China. Other countries did not support Trump’s position.

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