USA: Statues of African-American George Floyd vandalized

Two statues erected in honor of African-American George Floyd, killed by a police officer, were vandalized in Brooklyn and Newark.

The statue at 1545 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, which was erected on June 19, didn’t even last a month. Police learned, after reviewing surveillance footage, that four men were involved in the vandalism.

Officials said they are also investigating an incident involving damage to a statue in Newark. In Brooklyn, George Floyd’s face and pedestal were painted black. Unidentified people wrote “PatriotsFront.Us.” Police say the vandalism took place in the middle of the night.

In Newark, the statue was defaced with graffiti. The face was also painted black and the words “Life, Liberty, Victory, PatriotFront.Us” were written in white paint on the torso. The bronze statue was unveiled in front of City Hall on June 16.

“The destruction of the George Floyd statue has become a trend across the country. This horrific act is the very reason this statue needs to be preserved. Because it is not just about George Floyd, it is a deliberate attempt to fight back and ultimately dismantle hatred, racism and white supremacy,” said Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.