Vaccination reduces viral load fourfold – study

2 weeks ago

Israeli scientists from Professor Roy Kishoni’s lab at Technion and from the Maccabi Center for Research and Innovation studied the effect of COVID-19 vaccination on viral load and transmission. The results were published in the journal Nature Medicine.

The study was conducted on thousands of patients and showed that those who were vaccinated and got sick again had a viral load four times lower than those who were not vaccinated. The results were compared to a control group of unvaccinated patients.

Researchers note that viral load is a key element that affects the transmission of the virus – transmissibility. Thus, those who have been vaccinated and become ill again are unlikely to infect others. Dr. Idan Yelin of the Technion also stated that a lower viral load means that the immune system is better able to cope with the virus, which means the disease will be easier to transmit.

The question of whether vaccinated people can infect others has been raised many times by experts, as it could help lift quarantine restrictions in Israel. Research on this topic is encouraging and it is expected that mask restrictions in Israel will soon be relaxed.

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