Vanga’s prophecies: what predicted the future and whether the coronavirus was there

1 year ago

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the world again remembered the prophecy of the legendary Vanga. About the infection that will cover the planet. In the year of five deuces. The conversation with Vangelia Gushterova was recalled by her friend – Bulgarian psychic Todor Todorov.

Like, in 1995, Wang during a conversation with him said the problem would come from yellow. Todorov believes that this was a hint of China. The virus will spread rapidly around the world. But the cure for this new disease will be found that year.

Wangs predictions came true with incredible accuracy. She predicted perestroika in the USSR, the September 11 tragedy in the United States, when terrorists sent planes at the twin towers.

She was often asked how she sees the past and future.

She said she saw the dead. Very often, when they came, she said, let’s move on. There will be a place for your son, brother. She also spoke about the voice that comes from the inside – an employee of the historical museum M. Petrich in Bulgaria.

This voice was born when she was only 12 years old.

The usual walk of the little girl Vangelia ended in tragedy. A sandstorm lifted it above the ground and spun it. So much sand fell into my eyes that over time Vangelia completely lost her sight, – Larisa Zadorozhnaya, correspondent.

Since then, as they said, Vanga opened his inner vision. Not only ordinary people turned to her, but also the rich and famous. John F. Kennedy’s wife, Ivan Gavrilyuk.

What is the secret of the gift of Vanga? They tried to solve it both during the life of the seer, and after her death.

Neshka Robeva is the head coach of the Bulgarian national rhythmic gymnastics team. She and Wang were friends. Neshka says, the seer never spoke directly. Only with time do you understand what she meant.

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