Venezuela reports to the UN about a threat from the US to Iranian fuel tankers

12 months ago

Venezuelan Permanent Representative to the UN Samuel Moncada on Friday warned the UN Security Council and Secretary General of the organization Antonio Guterres about the threat posed by the United States to Iranian tankers with fuel bound for Venezuela.

“Today we notified the UN Security Council and Secretary General Anthony Guterres of the threat of imminent use of military force by the United States against Iranian ships transporting fuel to Venezuela. <…> Armed attacks on tankers carrying out free trade and navigation between sovereign states are manifestation of aggression. The sea blockade is aggravated by the fact that it deprives the population of the whole country of the necessary livelihoods, “Moncada emphasized in his Twitter account.

As Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreasa said on May 14, the United States is being targeted by tankers carrying fuel to the country, which is a violation of international standards and the rights of citizens of the republic. On May 17, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Aragchi summoned the Ambassador of Switzerland, representing US interests in the Islamic Republic, and warned Washington against persecuting Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela. In addition, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif sent a letter to Guterrish, in which he emphasized that “the United States must respect international law, in particular freedom of navigation.”

On May 20, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the US administration, reported that United States authorities were considering sanctions and other restrictive measures against Iran in connection with the supply of fuel to Venezuela.

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