Viber commented on a malfunction: “Do not uninstall or reinstall the application”

The Viber messenger app has suffered a massive crash today. But you do not need to reinstall or remove the application, as this will not solve the problem.

“This afternoon, the Viber team received several requests from users of the iOS platform regarding problems with the application on the smartphone. We conducted our own internal investigation, which showed that the failure occurred in the work of thousands of iOS programs, in particular Viber, Pinterest, Tik Tok, all over the world, ”the report says.

The press service said that this is a technical problem that will soon be resolved.

“We ask our users about patience and understanding of the situation. Please do not uninstall or reinstall Viber – this will not solve the problem. Viber will be back soon. Thank you for your patience, ”the message emphasizes.

According to the DownDetector resource, problems in the operation of the Viber application (as well as many others) were observed around the world. Users did not have access to Viber, they could not log in, send or receive messages.

At the moment, the situation has improved. According to Viber’s Twitter account, “the problem on iOS / iPhone seems to have been resolved, and most applications, including Viber, are working again.”