VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCES. Who benefits from a racial war in the United States

Why any black death becomes a political event and what it ultimately leads to

The cult of a knee-killing man, which is gaining strength, is undoubtedly accidental and, according to his supporters, completely innocent – the black drug addict George Floyd stumbled upon an obstacle. At first everything went perfectly, and even the chant “Floyd like Jesus” – “Floyd is like Jesus” was firmly included in the list of slogans of black racists and leftists supporting them. But then Floyd appeared a dangerous competitor.

Arbitrariness or chance

In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, on June 12, a black man Reishard Brooks, 27, a father of four children, being not sober, fell asleep in a car, blocking the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. This was the reason for calling the police.

Arriving police officers woke Brooks, asking him to rearrange the car and asked him to take an alcohol test. At the same time, Brooks did not deny that he drank “a couple of cocktails to celebrate his daughter’s birthday” and took time, so the police persuaded him to take the test for about 40 minutes. However, the communication was fairly peaceful.

Finally, Brooks agreed to take a breathalyzer, which showed 0.108 milligrams of alcohol per liter of expired air. This confidently qualified as a slight degree of intoxication – the maximum permissible concentration under the laws of Georgia should not exceed 0.08 milligrams. In other words, one cannot say that Brooks was very drunk – but at the same time, the police could not allow him to drive.

Garrett Rolf, who took the measurement, didn’t tell Brooks the results, but only said that he drank too much to drive and suggested he lay his hands behind his back to handcuff handcuffs, even if he doesn’t resist). Given a small degree of intoxication, Brooks was threatened with only a fine plus an overnight stay at the police station. In addition, he has already been identified and captured on camera. In other words, Brooks did not make sense to resist the police – firstly, this entailed the risk of running into the worst troubles, and secondly, if he managed to escape, he would still be found.

Nevertheless, Brooks still decided to resist and make an attempt to escape. In the course of the fight with the police, he took away a taser from Rolf (a stun gun that shoots a pair of dart-electrodes at a distance of 10 m), and tried to hide with it. According to Rolf and his partner, Devin Brosnan, while running away, Brooks shot Rolf at least once from a taser (police models allow three shots to be taken without replacing the cartridge) – but it’s already difficult to say anything for certain, since during Both body cameras were shot down by police officers.

As a result, Rolf shot three times after Brooks, and two bullets hit him in the back, causing Brooks to die on the spot.

Currently, Rolf is fired from the police, Brosnan has been transferred from patrolling to administrative work, the case is under investigation, the Fulton Howard County District Attorney hopes to make a decision to file charges by the middle of the week. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms has already stated that she does not consider the shooting to be justified, and police chief Erica Shields resigned. According to Brooks’s family lawyer, Rolf should be accused of “unjustified use of lethal force equal to murder.”

At the same time, for example, the senator from South Carolina Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, does not consider Rolf’s guilt unambiguously proved.

In itself, such a trial would be normal if not for one “but”. The day after the death of Brooks, a crowd of several hundred people burned down a restaurant that had a tragic incident. Authorities have already announced a reward of $ 10 thousand for information about who is responsible for the arson, and 36 people were arrested on the spot. But at the same time, any public statement condemning black violence, if it comes from white, can today become the cause of job loss in the USA and cause public condemnation.

Will Brooks be the second Floyd?

It is hard to say – in favor of this turn of events there are both pros and cons. But in any case, the whole story with Brooks looks ridiculous and tragic – he died due to a trifle, in general, offense. At the same time, while drinking, he could be sincerely convinced that he would not exceed the dose permissible while driving – the excess was only 0.028 mg / liter, and he could doze off at the parking lot more from fatigue than from intoxication. Don’t try Brooks to resist – and he would be alive, except that his family budget would have suffered some damage.