VIDEO: In Los Angeles, the house of actor Denzel Washington smoked, firemen came to him

Firemen visited the home of Hollywood actor Denzel Washington in Los Angeles after they received reports of smoke coming from the building.

At Angels, the Fire Department confirmed that there was no flame when the firemen arrived at the Beverly Hills mansion, but smoke was found on the second floor.

Thermal imaging cameras were used to try to detect the source of smoke, and the investigation focused on the furnace, which may have been recently serviced.

A representative of the fire department said that by the time of arrival of the emergency services all residents had left the house.

The representative of the Hollywood actor confirmed that “all is well and safe.

It is unclear whether Mr. Washington was owned at the time of the incident.

Washington, which has two Oscars, is one of the most famous actors of his generation.

He won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for the 1989 film Fame and Best Actor for the 2001 film Training Day.

In 2019, Washington was awarded the 47th AFI Life Achievement Award.

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