Violators of quarantine at the Olympics face deportation

Failure to comply with the rules of conduct, including quarantine conditions, at the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo threatens disciplinary action. Violators, in particular, may be suspended from the games or deported. This was announced by the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The document notes that failure to comply with the rules, including, refusing to undergo testing, visiting places not included in the provided activity plan or intentionally neglecting to wear a mask or social distancing measures, could result in disciplinary action.

Among the penalties that can be imposed is the exclusion from the Olympic Games or deportation, for athletes and accompanying persons as well as representatives of foreign media in case of gross violations of the rules of conduct during the competitions.

It is also stated that such penalties as a warning, temporary or permanent withdrawal of accreditation, temporary or permanent exclusion from the Games, disqualification and financial penalties can be imposed on violators.

The organizers noted that the rules of conduct at the Olympics and Paralympics are designed to protect their participants and guests, as well as residents of Japan.

Note that at the Olympic Games in Japan may be allowed spectators. To do this, they must not be sick with coronavirus and vaccinated.