Virtual games have been found useful in combating mental disorders

Irish scientists have found that computer games are useful in the fight against a number of mental illnesses: they are good for people with anxiety disorders and depression and may even be more useful than traditional treatments.

The basis for the study served the already existing work in the field of the impact of virtual games on human mental health and their help in treating various disorders. As a result of clinical studies, experts found that the games alleviate the symptoms of many diseases. For this is enough to give them half an hour a day.

Virtual games have been found useful in combating mental disorders

In addition, the games of different genres have different effects on people. For example, shooters, online games and role-playing games allow to fill the need for communication and improve socialization. Strategy and fitness games contribute to the development of cognitive abilities and mitigate the manifestations of dyslexia.

Thus absolutely all the games considered in the work help to cope with anxiety, improve mood and give a feeling of pleasure. It does not depend on the level of the player – the mood improves from the visual part, the variety of forms and colors in the game.

Scientists have concluded that games can be used as an alternative to medical care. First of all, they are more accessible than going to the doctors. In addition, people who get help from a psychiatrist are perceived negatively in society, while fans of computer games – neutrally.