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Vocalist Pointer Sisters Dies

Vocalist Pointer Sisters Dies

Bonnie Pointer, founder of Pointer Sisters, died at the age of 69.

It was she who, in 1969, convinced her three sisters in the church to form a group. A Grammy Award winner died of heart failure in Los Angeles, said her publicist Roger Neal.

“With great sadness, I have to tell Pointer Sisters fans that Bonnie died this morning,” confirmed the death of her sister Anita Pointer.

Bonnie was the main vocalist in many hits of the group, for some time trying to make a solo career.

Ruth, Anita, Bonnie and June were born into the family of a priest, who also had two older sons. They grew up and sang at his church in Auckland, California. The quartet brought a unique combination of funk and soul jazz and pop. They often dressed in a retro style that resembled their predecessors, the Andrews sisters. June Poynter, the youngest of the sisters, died in 2006.

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