Volcano Etna woke up again in Italy (video)

Volcano Etna woke up again in Italy. It spewed another plume of lava and a column of smoke on the island of Sicily.

Volcano Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. It spewed a column of ash high up, which scattered over nearby Catania.

Because of Etna’s eruption, Catania’s international airport was closed, as air harbor services said they could not ensure flight safety.

Pillars of ash, rain of fire and sparks that lava turns into – a mesmerizing spectacle can be seen on the east coast of Italian Sicily. One of the world’s highest volcanoes, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Etna, has erupted.

The eruption began almost two weeks ago. Seismologists have recorded particularly vigorous activity at the southeastern crater.

They assure: this natural phenomenon poses no threat to local residents at the moment.