Wakanda, God and Chipping: Why Kanye West Wants to Replace Donald Trump

The American rapper, founder of the Yeezy brand, a preacher calling himself the new Jesus, revealed the details of his political program aimed at healing the United States from lack of spirituality and solving racial problems.
On July 5, the rapper billionaire made a fuss on Twitter, announcing that he was going to become the next president after Trump – with the support of Ilon Mask. Kanye West later conducted a four-hour interview in which he clarified several points:

he no longer respects the work of Donald Trump as America’s leader;
he said that recalling the blacks in favor of Democratic candidates is not bad, although it will help Trump gain an advantage. “I do not deny, I just think that saying that blacks vote only for democrats is a form of racism and the superiority of whites”;
he said that he himself had never voted. Never in my life;
he admitted that he had been ill with a coronavirus in February, and is suspicious of vaccines that he considers to be a “mark of the beast.”
This is just the beginning, Forbes notes. At first, Kanye promised to finally decide whether he was nominated for the candidate within 30 days, risking missing the deadline for submitting documents. True, this did not frighten the rapper: he explained that it was excusable against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions. “I am consulting with experts, I’m going to talk with Jared Kushner (senior adviser to the president of the USA, husband of Ivanka Trump. -“ RBC Style ”), Joe Biden and the White House,” Kanye West said. He has no agitation apparatus and political strategists yet. His main “fans” in the presidential race at the moment are wife Kim Kardashian and friend Ilon Musk, whom West even offered to become head of the US space program in case of victory. By the way, talks about the presidency of Musk and West were about a year and a half.

Soon after the interview, Kanye confirmed that he definitely plans to run in 2020, bypassing the original plan to run for president in 2024. He also introduced the slogan of his campaign: “Yes!” and showed a banner with the inscription “Birthday Party”, because “when we win, everyone will have a birthday.”

To disappoint the skeptics, Kanye registered to vote and denies that all his actions are nothing more than an advertising campaign for the new album. In confirmation of this, he is going to put the record in free access for free listening.

The rapper explains the sharp change in his attitude to Trump (it took several weeks) by the fact that the president made a mess in the country. However, he does not dare to openly criticize the current leader, noting that he “allowed God to remain in dialogue with the country.” West also praised Trump hotels with saxophones in the lobby.

Among other things, he said that he did not intend to run for the Republicans, because the Republican Party was led by Donald Trump: “I will be an independent candidate.”

Kanye West Campaign Theses
About the decision to run:

“It happened when I was offered the Michael Jackson Award on MTV. I remember visiting with my mother (at my mother-in-law, to be more precise, I just call her mother, because my house was still being built then). And I was in my heart and thought, composed texts. And I said: “You will run for president” and began to laugh hysterically. This is the best thing I was going to do: they all will think that I write these songs for fun, but they will proclaim me president. And I just laughed like that in my soul. I don’t know how long it lasted, but it was that very moment. ”

About the need for “racial healing”:

“Well,” the Lord has already begun healing / This conversation is already healing / We need to pray, kneel down … “Then another beat, and then a rhyme forms, and I will complete the healing without relying on the systems created by organizations. Schools, infrastructure exist so that we do not become what we really can be, but that we are sufficiently trained to work for the corporations that designed the school education system. We will break this circle, but we will not violate the Constitution, but we will amend it. ”

About foreign policy:

“I have not yet developed a strategy. First of all, I am focused on protecting America with the help of our military. Let’s focus on ourselves first. ”