Want to see Santa through Zoom? You’ll have to shell out the price

Want to see Santa through Zoom? You'll have to shell out the price

If you want to talk to Father Christmas via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic, be prepared to open your wallet.

Taking kids to the mall to sit on Father Christmas’ lap is almost impossible during a coronavirus pandemic. Macy’s cancelled the personal Santaland this year, and malls across the country are introducing security measures, such as plexiglass shields, between children and Father Christmas. But there is another option: a personal call to Santa at Zoom.

There are plenty of video options for parents who don’t want their children to miss their annual visit to Father Christmas, although it will cost between $10 and $750 for a few minutes of time. The price depends on your own budget and the format of the socialising.

Previously, a visit to Santa in shopping malls wasn’t free either, with parents usually shelling out $20 to $60 for a photo package of their child sitting on Father Christmas’ lap. A video session with Santa has its perks, such as being able to personalise the experience – he will know your child’s name and what he wants for Christmas.