Warren Buffett suspected of buying shares secretly

11 months ago

crisisBillionder and Vanity Fair owner Bill Akman believes that Warren Buffett is publicly converting $ 128 billion in Berkshire Hathaway into fund shares in order not to provoke a market reaction to the growth of quotes.

“As soon as the process of investing these funds in securities is completed, he will let you know about it,” Akman said.

One of the reasons for the lack of publicity in the actions of Buffett may also be the reluctance to take responsibility for reassuring Wall Street again, as it was in 2008.

“Maybe this time he does not want to be a hero,” experts say.

After the shares of Pershing Square, Hilton and Burger King fell, Buffett increased his stakes in all of these companies by more than 25%. He also reinvested about $ 720 million in Starbucks in January.

Meanwhile, Berkshire sold $ 390 million worth of Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines stocks and has reduced its stake in Bank of New York Mellon in recent weeks.

Buffett’s attention was also focused on the most affected travel, real estate and entertainment companies, but no deals have been made public so far.

Berkshire’s cash flow exceeded Tesla, Starbucks, Nike and McDonald’s individual market capitalization in March.

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