Washington police chief urged to prepare for new mass demonstrations

11 months ago

Washington police chief Peter Newsham warned that large-scale demonstrations should be expected in the US capital this weekend – continued protests and unrest that swept the country after the death of black George Floyd in Minneapolis, NBC reported.

He stated that the information obtained from open sources suggests that the events on this Saturday may become one of the largest ever taking place in the city.

At the same time, he said that the police are preparing for the influx of a large number of “peaceful demonstrators” who will use their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

According to NBC, law enforcement agencies and demonstrators across the country are preparing for the rally this weekend, while the threat of a coronavirus pandemic did not have a particular impact on the activity of the demonstrators. So, the day before in Brooklyn (New York) the police had to use force to disperse the demonstrators.

In a number of American cities, including Washington, the protests in connection with the death of African American George Floyd through the fault of police in the city of Minneapolis resulted in riots, acts of vandalism, arson and looting of shops, fierce clashes with law enforcement. On both sides there are victims and numerous victims. In a significant number of states in the country, governors imposed curfews.

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