Washington reacted to Palestine withdrawing from agreements with US and Israel

11 months ago

Washington regrets the statement by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw from agreements with the United States and Israel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.
At the same time, Pompeo expressed the hope that security arrangements will continue to be respected even taking into account the statement of Abbas.

“We know about Abbas’s statement today. I contacted my team there. We hope that the security arrangements will be maintained, the work that has been done to keep the Palestinians and Israelis safe is continued. I do not know what prompted him to withdraw from these agreements. We regret it. ”

The Secretary of State noted that the United States has turned to Israel and Palestine and believes that maintaining the agreements is “the basis for peace talks.”

Recall that Abbas announced the withdrawal from all agreements and arrangements with the United States and Israel, as well as the release from all obligations, including the security sphere.

At the same time, Israeli diplomat and political scientist Alex Veksler told VZGLYAD newspaper that nobody takes Abbas’s “declarative” statement in Israel seriously.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the start of the “Deal of the Century” – a joint plan with the United States, which implies the annexation of “originally Israeli lands,” the expulsion of Palestinians and the end of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The UN condemned the intention of Israel to annex disputed territories.

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