Wasserman called the protests in the United States the work of Trump

Publicist and television presenter Anatoly Wasserman said the protests in the United States, whose participants criticize President Donald Trump, were the work of Trump himself. He brought his thoughts in a column for REN TV.

Wasserman called the Black Lives Matter (Black Lives Important) a “totalitarian sect.” “Finally, a theoretical justification of the protests has been formulated: the rest of the lives do not matter,” the journalist emphasized.

He criticized the head of the BLM protests in Toronto, Yusra Hogali, who considered white people to be “subhuman” with “recessive genetic defects.” Wasserman also explained the inconsistency of Hogali’s point of view on genetics: “I explain in plain text a fool who has heard scientific terms: a recessive gene appears only when it is inherited from both parents at once, and a dominant gene even when it is present in one instance, so dominants cannot supplant recessive genes they will simply be invisible for the time being. ”

From the point of view of a publicist, a hundred years ago, statements similar to what the BLM activist said were made by German Nazis and “Anglo-Saxon Eugenics.” The natural consequence of “fantasies of superhuman and genetic garbage,” he called hundreds of thousands of Russians and Jews who were sterilized in the United States and millions killed in Europe.

Wasserman recalled that the massacres in the 20th century “were supported primarily by Anglo-Saxon capital.” He, according to the scholar, “then raised fascists around the world.”

“The protests – an attempt to push Trump off – is his work. Because centuries-old experience tells him: fascism helps to squeeze superprofits, ”said Wasserman.

Earlier, Wasserman predicted the US “nightmare” because of the coronavirus. The publicist noted that before the epidemic began, the American health care system seemed to many as a “crystal lock with miracle doctors and supertechnology”, but because of the coronavirus, this system turned into “a pile of broken glass”.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a movement in the United States that protests with a similar slogan. Its participants demand systemic changes to combat racism. They also advocate reducing police costs and increasing funding for areas dominated by racial minorities.

Activists and supporters of the movement since the end of May have held protests in various cities of the United States. Their cause was the death of African-American George Floyd after a brutal arrest by the police. In some parts of the country, besides the rallies, pogroms took place.