Ways to extend life by ten years are mentioned

Ways to extend life by ten years are mentioned

American scientists named a way to extend life by ten years. The study is published on the website of the National Library of Medicine in the United States.

Specialists have analyzed the causes of death and lifestyles of elderly men and women in 11 European countries. As a result, they concluded that good nutrition, no stress, as well as cessation of smoking and moderate alcohol consumption can increase life expectancy by ten years.

The researchers advise to follow a Mediterranean diet, as it is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Such a diet will reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cancer diseases, metabolic syndrome and deterioration of brain function.

With quitting smoking and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, the risk of death is reduced by 17-18 percent, scientists noted. Absence of stress also has a positive impact on life expectancy. According to the researchers, the risk of premature death in happy people is reduced by almost four percent.

Specialists have studied the life styles of 1507 men and 832 women between 1988 and 2000.

Earlier, scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology revealed that intensive training over a five-year period is an effective way to improve health, improve quality of life and slow down aging. The program involved about seven thousand volunteers, whose age reached 70-77 years.