“We did it!” NBA players are excited about Biden’s victory. Their salaries will be cut by hundreds of millions

The US elections seem to be watched around the world. In Russia, even a joke went among the people that on National Unity Day there is nothing more uniting for Russian citizens than elections overseas. The information coverage of the main political event in the world is so great that even sports resources cannot pass by. And how to get through if professional basketball players were among those who directly participated in the pre-election race.

The black rights movement after a series of high-profile events was reflected in many things after the resumption of the season in the bubble: large inscriptions on the floor, slogans for equality instead of names and official support of the NBA leadership for political slogans in the media. Not everyone reacted to this the same way, but it certainly never happened.

LeBron James has long been more than just an outstanding basketball player. And in 2020, he took a few more steps towards his future political career. And the fact that it will be, probably already, no one doubts. The Los Angeles Lakers forward somehow even got the nerve to openly insult Donald Trump. The latter, however, did not remain in debt and also said a bunch of nasty things about James. All this was on social networks, and therefore it was there that the news of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential race was greeted and celebrated widely and with creativity.

LeBron tweeted the already former US president and posted a photo from the 2016 finals. In the moment with the famous block shot, instead of James’s head, Biden’s head is located, and Andre Iguodala’s head is replaced by Trump’s.

Naturally, this caused a very violent reaction, and the tweet quickly garnered a million likes. Although this was far from the only reaction to the victory of the Democratic candidate. Earlier, the King posted a gif with Trump, repeating the phrase – “You are fired”.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green immediately advised LeBron that the ban on meetings of the NBA champions with the president could be lifted and the Lakers could celebrate the championship with Joe Biden.

Women’s basketball legend Sue Bird, who played for many years in Russian teams, and a little earlier put on a fuss because of her engagement to football player Megan Rapino, also did not stand aside and showed how happy she was with the news of the arrival of the new president.

NBA star veteran Chris Paul posted a photo of Biden and Kamala Harris. Now it is the 46th President of the United States and the first black female Vice President of the United States