Wearable police officers showed that George Floyd said 20 times that he could not breathe

Deciphering the recordings from the wearable police cameras shows that George Floyd said 20 times that he could not breathe before his death.

Transcripts of videos worn by former officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Queng were filed with the Minnesota state court on Wednesday as part of a petition to dismiss charges against Lane. However, the notes show that only one of the officers expressed concern about the well-being of Floyd, but a higher-level officer Derek Choven rejected his doubts.

Derek Chowen pushed Floyd with his knee to his neck and facing the sidewalk, and Lane, who was holding the legs of an African American, was the one who asked Choven if he should move the suspect because he said he was suffocating. But Chowen replied: “Keep the same.” “I’m just worried about excited delirium or something else,” Lane said. Soon, Floyd stopped breathing.

Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder. Lane, Quang, and the fourth former officer, Tao Tao, are charged with aiding and manslaughter. All four officers were fired after the May 25 incident.