Weinstein-affected women will receive large compensation

Victims of convicted rapist, former film producer Harvey Weinstein will receive compensation for a total of $ 18.8 million. For these purposes, a fund will be created based on the funds of The Weinstein Company.

Compensation payments were made by the New York Attorney General. According to one of the prosecutors

Harvey Weinstein’s victims will receive $ 19 million compensation from Leticia James, after a series of threats, assaults and abuses by employees of The Weinstein Company and other victims of the rapist “deserve justice”. The settlement was the result of a civil rights claim from 2018.

The fund will pay women compensation for “horrendous violations of New York State’s human rights and business law.” Two other courts, including a bankruptcy court, must approve this decision.

Recall, Harvey Weinstein received 23 years in prison for the rape of three women. In total, more than 80 representatives of the film industry made statements about harassment, attempted attacks, violence and threats from him.