Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s – Everything About Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s!

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s which was broadcast by Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network It was a huge success for eight years from 2011 until the year 2018. It was owned and managed by Robbie Montgomery, who was the former Ike as well as Tina Turner backup singer, Robbie Montgomery, along with her son Tim Norman, the soul food establishment was able to achieve a lot of popularity due to its exposure. Sweetie Pie’s later expanded to various places, including in different states. Unexpectedly, personal problems were uncovered before the reality show was over in the year of 2018. In 2017 she was involved in a lawsuit against her son Tim. Robbie filed a lawsuit against her son Tim over trademark infringement . And before that her grandson Andre Montgomery was tragically gunned down in St. Louis in the year 2016. But the most shocking news was yet to be delivered.

In the year 2020, Tim Norman was arrested for a alleged murder-for-hire scheme that involved his nephew Andre Montgomery, and Miss Robbie’s grandson. Norman was nabbed by authorities over his involvement in the shooting death of the 21-year old after taking out a life insurance policy of $450k policy for Montgomery in the year in 2014. The Feds claim that he collaborated with a Memphis-based lady identified as Terica Ellis to possibly commit the murder. Another suspect is Travell Hill, who Norman reported paid $5,000 to execute the murder , and who reduced his plea and was found guilty. According to Hill that he was with Norman at the time of the crime close to the Clinton-Peabody Housing Complex located south from downtown St. Louis for a “discussion.” Hill was found guilty of one count of conspiring to commit murder and another charge of murder-for-hire in Montgomery’s murder. Both cases have a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

Tim Norman is No Stranger to Trouble or Alleged Schemes

Norman Norman, the sole surviving kid from Robbie Montgomery, previously spent 10 years in prison after being detained for armed robbery when he was age 17. He seemed to be on right track and narrow path, assisting his mother in the restaurant business. in 2015 Robbie Montgomery reported a burglary in the north of her St. Louis County home during her vacation. According to police reports that at least $220,000 worth cash jewellery, cash, and other things were taken. Norman accused his nephewof the crime, however, Andre pointed his finger towards his father. Montgomery was questioned by a polygraph in March 2016 and was informed that the police that they were away from the city. He also said that his mom was looking to get rid of Norman from business ventures. The next day, Montgomery was murdered. In the episode from 2016 on Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, Norman and his mother went to where the crime took place. murder.

Following Norman’s arrest, a family member claimed that his next possible to target his mother. The anonymous source stated that Norman was in deep trouble in debt, was owed tax backs and owed numerous people money including his mother. child, for back child support. He also took out one million dollars life insurance policy for Robbie. Robbie. The source requested that people keep their families in prayers. The source also said that if convicted of fraud with a wire or mail, Norman faces life in prison if convicted. The prosecution initially sought to impose the death penalty in the case, but decided not to pursue the case.

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