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What Apple introduced at WWDC 2020

What Apple introduced at WWDC 2020

Apple has introduced updated operating systems for all of its devices

This was reported by an American resource on computer technology The Verge.

It is clarified that on June 22, Apple held a conference for developers of WWDC 2020, where they announced the historic transition of the MacBook to their own Apple Silicon processors.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, all subsequent laptops will use their Apple Silicon processor instead of Intel processors.

At the same time, the company plans to release the first laptops with its new processor at the end of this year, and the full transition will be completed in two years.

It is noted that Apple has been moving to its processors for 10 years, releasing about 2 billion processors for tablets, smartphones and smart watches. The company claims that the advantage of the new processor will be efficient power consumption and performance.

In addition, Apple also introduced an operating system update for all of its devices. In particular, in the new version of the update for smartphones, iOS 14, widgets will appear, and the “image in image” function will be introduced, which allows you to save video playback without exiting. Also in the new smartphones will work offline translator, operating through an application without the Internet. The Siri voice assistant will also be updated, which will not occupy the entire screen, and a number of environmental functions will be added to the “maps”.

The updated system for tablets will expand the possibilities of handwriting with a stylus. Search queries can be entered without a keyboard, and handwritten text will be transformed by artificial intelligence into print.

Apple Watch smartwatch updates help you better control your sleep patterns. The Activity application will be renamed to Fitness, and dances will be added to the types of physical activity.

Apple said that Safari will now load pages 50% faster than Google Chrome.

AirPods can automatically switch between devices.

The Apple TV system will also be updated, where the launch of the “Basis” series based on Isaac Asimov’s books is announced.

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