What are the chances of Kardashian becoming the first lady of the USA? Bookmakers rated West’s probability of victory

The news that the famous rapper Kanye West will compete for the presidency of the United States, seriously disturbed the network. Some do not believe in the political ambitions of the musician, while others already make bets.

YEREVAN, Jul 5 – Sputnik. Bookmakers rated the probability of the victory of the husband of the television star Kim Kardashian, rapper Kanye West, in the US presidential election as 1 to 50.

It is noted that before his chances were estimated as 1 to 500.

West previously announced on his microblog on Twitter that he will run for president this year. His support was already expressed to him by a major American businessman, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Ilon Musk.

Meanwhile, many users did not take seriously West’s intention to run for president as real intentions to enter the presidential race.

Kanye West is a world-class hip-hop artist, designer, composer, and producer. In 2014, he and Kim Kardashian got married, they together raise 4 children.