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What drinks should not be drunk in hot weather?

What drinks should not be drunk in hot weather?

In the U.S. there is a real heat wave, and this means not only relaxing on the beach, but also stressing the body.

In hot weather, a person may lose up to 4 liters of moisture per day, in normal weather it is about 2 liters. Therefore, it is important to drink, but not all drinks in hot weather will do good.

Experts told what drinks are better not to drink in hot weather.

Juices from packages.

Packaged juices contain a lot of sugar, so they certainly do not quench thirst.

Ready-made bottled iced teas.

Fruit-filled iced teas also contain a high concentration of sugar and concentrates. They also don’t have any of the tonic substances found in regular tea.

Carbonated drinks.

Sodas will not do you any good, in addition, because of the sugar, you will also not quench your thirst. Apart from the taste, they do not give you anything good.

Coffee and cocoa.

These drinks are also not the best option for drinking in the heat. They will heat up your body even more.

Cold beer.

Beer that contains ethyl alcohol and was not made as a result of fermentation from natural malt and hops will not quench your thirst. In the heat it will only give an unpleasant intoxication.

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