What happened to Elon Musk- sells Tesla’s house and shares

The world-famous Elon Musk always seemed to me a brilliant man. Reading his biography you begin to be surprised from the first lines.

A bit of history
He bought a computer when he was still a schoolboy, he began to study hard the basics of programming. Then there was no Internet yet, but after understanding the main teams, he managed to write a console game which he soon managed to sell.

This is where you saw a student selling games created by himself?

It was not a lot of money, but it all started with it. He invested them in shares of some company, then he dug up and brought them out.

Then it went off. Together with his friends, he wrote a website for an online store. It was the first online store in the world. After it is the creation of an evolutionary method of paying for plastic cards.

Genius mask
And now he is known to the whole world as the owner of Tesla and SpaceX. Genius Ilon Musk who invented reusable stages of rockets. He built such a rocket and showed the whole world that it works.

He has many years of work in the it industry, sometimes he sits down at a computer and develops algorithms like a regular programmer. This despite the fact that he is the owner of several very significant companies in the market, a revolutionary in the field of space and just a genius.

The other day, our genius seems to have moved his mind
In his tweet, Elon Musk noted that he did not want to live in the house. And then he wrote that he was selling all his acquired property. Home, cars and more.

But that’s not all. Then he remembered that the shares of his company Tesla were too expensive and, unexpectedly for everyone, had fallen off their prices. At the same time, he was guided by the words that people should be free.