What happens in the US if Trump loses?

The election race in the United States is approaching its climax: accusations are louder, and promises of a “good life” – more and more. But what happens if Trump’s team loses?

The Atlantic journalists warn: Trump has taken into account such a scenario. Moreover, he is actively preparing for it.

“If the results are close, we may well see a protracted post-election struggle in the courts and on the streets,” the newspaper said.

The fact is that (according to the professor of the University of California Law School Richard L. Hasen) Trump is “playing ahead”: using both his capabilities in Washington and his connections since being a businessman across the country, he wants to make it difficult to unambiguously summarize elections.

Numerous inconsistencies in the laws, active “ringing out” of the weak points of the system in those states where the US president is not doing well yet, social media and the media – all this Trump’s team intends to “squeeze out to the last drop.”

How will the battle between Trump and Biden end? We’ll find out on November 3.