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What happens inside Seattle’s “autonomous zone”?

What happens inside Seattle’s “autonomous zone”?

Police say there are armed guards in Seattle’s “autonomous zone,” and local businesses may be extorted by activists.

Part of the radical demonstrators in Seattle captured the city council and a 6-block zone, including a closed police station. On the spot, they declared a “police free zone”. According to Michael Solan, president of the Seattle Police Guild, a group of these activists are “stealing the peaceful message of justice,” which defends most marchers across America.

Seattle police said they received reports of armed guards in the area and possible extortion of money from local entrepreneurs in the self-proclaimed “autonomous zone.”

“We heard that they are forcing citizens and businesses to pay to pay a fee for work in this area. This is extortion. If someone is exposed to such crimes, you need to call 911, ”said Seattle Police Chief Assistant Deanna Nollett.

The invaders demand that the mayor resign and the police dismissed. They covered a stretch of tarps and declared “the property of the Seattle people.”

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