What Is Going To Happen On 5th January 2023 – TikTok Trend

TikTok users are noticing the latest trend in TikTok that talks about the 5th of January 2023, however, what exactly is likely to happen on that date? If you’re also uncertain about the date, we’ve given you the answer. Here’s all you must know about the date of January 5th, 2023″ is all about, and what’s going to take place on this date.

TikTok users are eager to find out about a sensational date currently dominating the site. Some creators of content have the opinion that by the time of this event, their hair will change to match the hair color of their partner and then on.

Before anything happens on the 5th of January 2023, all of us have to get through the 24 day of September. This date has been many users have described as doomsday. Yes, you read it correctly! Another trend involving a date, the 24th of September, is being discussed on the app for video sharing. Many people believe that this could be the day that will end our planet, as the earth will be facing an enormous natural catastrophe.

Some have come up with the notion that on the 24 September September, we’re going to experience a zombie-apocalypse and others are reporting that earth is set to be struck with a huge solar flare. For instance, TikTok users are associating this date with all sorts of negative things that happen. However, they are just a bunch of skewed theories about social media that have no evidence or reasoning behind it.

A second date, 5 January 2023 is making a mess for TikTok users, and they are curious to know what’s happening on this date.

What Is Happening On January 5th 2023?

If you’re concerned that something negative could occur on the 5th of January 2023, then take a restful pill since nothing is likely to occur.

It’s only that the Illinois Safe-T Act will come in force on the 5th of January in 2023. The trend of January 5, 2023 on TikTok began when TikTok user strqthngs uploaded video content on the ByteDance-owned video-sharing platform.

On the clip, the person states, “Me after releasing what is going to happen on 5th of January 2023.” This is where the confusion been brewing. The video has gone viral on YouTube, racking up more than three million viewers.

Some people are linking that date as being associated with Illinois’ Safe-T Act which will be implemented on the same date , and others are laughing that their hair’s color will change according to what color the hair of their partners.

Although nothing threatening is likely to happen on that day Users are creating their own plans for this day to fool others on TikTok.

January 5th 2023 TikTok Trend Explained

This isn’t the first time a certain date has been a viral hit on TikTok Prior to this we’ve come across numerous instances where creators of content confused users by creating trends of random dates.

There was an earlier trend which started on September 1 1st which showed that the TikTok sound could earn the users $3111 prior to or the 1st of September 1st. It was, however, an unrelated trend, and no one received the money content creators spoke about.

A similar trend occurred in May 2′, when users shared an image from the Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun (TBHK) animated series, with the date 2 May. This was a trend that again puzzled many of TikTok users, however nothing unusual transpired on that specific date.

These are all ways to draw attention of the users and to gain more followers and comments and likes

The Bottom Line

After having read the entire details on this trend we’ve arrived at the conclusion that nothing significant is expected to take place on the 5th of January 5 2023. It’s simply an unrelated TikTok trend.

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