What is known about the new first lady of the United States Jill Biden?

Michelle Obama calls her his friend

The first thing to know about America’s next first lady is that Jill Biden is a college English professor with four degrees, including a doctorate. She will be very busy as she plans to keep her day job after moving to the White House.

Jill Biden went on to teach at Northern Virginia College for eight years when she was second lady, working closely with then-First Lady Michelle Obama. The latter considers Biden a “dear friend” who brings “kindness, empathy and humor to even the most difficult situations.”

“She will be an amazing first lady,” Obama said in a USA Today statement. Biden intends to become the first lady in the 231-year history of the role, who will continue her career and keep a paid job while living in the White House.

“She will truly take the role of first lady into the 21st century,” said historian Katherine Jellison, a professor at Ohio University, noting that no predecessor was allowed to live the lives of most modern American women.

“Americans have historically wanted their first ladies to be in the White House and near the president, if possible. Perhaps the time has come when Americans will embrace the idea that a president’s wife can be both a first lady and a working professional at the same time,” Jellison says.

Anita McBrain, chief of staff for former first lady Laura Bush and assistant to President George W. Bush, believes that this should have happened because the country is developing and is not standing still.

There is one more thing to know about Jill and Joe Biden. They’re projecting carelessness, which turns out to be a vital quality in the 2020 election.

Participants arrive at the White House (this is the third attempt) under unusual circumstances: the election result and the slow counting of votes have become even more tense due to an angry public demonstration of the incumbent who tried to stop the counting of votes, filed lawsuits in several states, made baseless statements about scammed at a live press conference and hinted that he might not accept the results. Throughout the entire period, the Biden couple stayed calm and insisted that everyone else do the same.

Because of Jill Biden’s professional life, Americans expect education to come first in the first lady’s curriculum. She is also expected to advocate for military families and cancer awareness (Biden’s son died of brain cancer in 2015).

“The beauty of being the first lady is that you can define it however you want. And this is what I did as a second lady – I defined this role the way I wanted. I would still work on the same problems. I would traveled across the country trying to get a free community college, “Jill told Vogue in July 2019.