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What is known about the policeman who killed the African American and provoked riots in the US?

What is known about the policeman who killed the African American and provoked riots in the US?

For several days now, riots in the United States caused by the murder of black citizen George Floyd have not subsided. The main culprit in the high-profile story, police officer Derek Chauvin, is now in custody. What are the dark spots in his biography?

What is happening in the United States is now a little like rallies for racial equality. After George Floyd died on May 25 as a result of aggressive police detention, protests began in Minneapolis. Citizens demanded to punish law enforcement officials, but the inaction of the authorities led to an increase in the degree of violence on the streets of the city. Pogroms soon began, and a wave of riots and arson quickly swept the whole country.

Who is to blame for what happened? Most protesters give the same name – 44-year-old Derek Chauvin. Yes, four policemen took part in that fatal detention, but it was Chauvin who pressed George Floyd’s throat until he lost consciousness.

As it turned out, the reputation of a law enforcement officer was far from ideal. During his 19 years as a police officer, Chauvin opened fire on suspects three times. On his account there is also murder in execution: then Derek was able to prove that he acted within the law, so the trial did not take place. Police chief Medaria Arradondo admitted that Chovin has received complaints several times from citizens and law enforcement officials: he was accused of excessive cruelty. However, colleagues covered the man again and again.

It is also known that while serving in the police Derek moonlighted at the El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub. Ironically, the deceased George Floyd also worked as a security guard in the same institution. The police are already checking if the men had a long-standing conflict that could have served as a reason for the murder.

Thanks to the police and club work, Derek managed to make a good fortune. Western publications report that the man had not only a house in Minneapolis, but also real estate in an elite area of ​​Florida.

About ten years ago, Chauvin married a girl named Kelly, who had previously worked as a model for the policeman’s wife last year won the title “Mrs. Minnesota” and was widely known in the county.

True, the enviable union came to an end – after the tragic incident, Kelly filed for divorce. This was reported on social networks by her lawyers. According to lawyers, Derek’s wife was shocked by his act, and now asks the authorities to ensure her complete safety.

Now Derek Chauvin is in custody. An autopsy of George Floyd showed that the cause of death was not strangulation, but heart problems and intoxication. However, the Americans do not believe in the data of the examination: in their opinion, the authorities are trying to hide the truth in order to reduce the time for the police officer.

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