What is the threat of meeting one of the largest spiders in the world?

In Guyana, in the tropical forests, you can meet rare, one of the largest spiders on the planet. Such a creature was lucky enough to see the photographer and scientist Peter Naskretski when he decided to go for a night walk in the jungle.

Hearing a semblance of rustling underfoot, Naskretski directed the beam of a flashlight there and saw the goliath tarantula. A spider of this size could freely “hug” the legs of a scientist. The limbs of the creation reach 30 cm in span. The goliath tarantula weighs up to 170 grams. This is comparable to a medium-sized puppy. There are special claws on the tarantula’s paws. Through them, the creature makes a clicking sound, somewhat reminiscent of the clatter of horse hooves.

Upon meeting the man, the spider decided to take a defensive stance. First, he began to scratch his hind legs against the abdomen, and then shot out a cloud of tiny hairs. When in contact with the eyes, these hairs cause severe irritation that lasts up to several days. Piotr Naskretski felt it for himself.

Contrary to the common name, the spider rarely feeds on birds. Basically, his diet is all that the forest floor has to offer, such as earthworms, frogs and insects.